Sibiu tourist attractions

Cel mai cunoscut turn din Sibiu

Council Tower

The Council Tower can be easily found by any tourist, being right in the center of the city, at the intersection of the most important markets in the city. It is also considered a representative symbol of Sibiu, being found on many souvenirs.

It is in great search among tourists because it can be ascended to the top floor, having a magnificent panoramic view over the city.

More than a bridge, a symbol of the city

The Bridge of Lies

Perhaps the most important tourist attraction of the city, known internationally, is the Bridge of Lies. Although it appears to be just a pedestrian walkway in the historic center, it has several legends behind it. The most widespread seems to be that any lie told on this bridge will be found out later. However, another says that the merchants who deceived the locals in the old days, were thrown over the railing of this bridge.

The iron for the bridge was prepared in 1859 at the Filia foundry, and the following year it was built in Sibiu. Officially it was opened to the crossing on December 17, 1860.

The Bridge of Lies is the most visited tourist attraction in Sibiu

The oldest Zoo in Romania


Just outside the city, in the Dumbrava Forest, you can find the oldest zoo in our country. In recent years it has accessed development funds and has undergone visible upgrades both to the animal cages and to the infrastructure and public places.

The zoo in Sibiu holds over 200 specimens from 53 species.

The second largest outdoor museum in the world

Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization

Probably one of the most well-known national and international tourist attractions in Sibiu, is the Open Air Museum. This is primarily because it covers an area of ​​96 hectares, making it the second largest museum of its kind in the world!

Inside it you will find buildings from different regions of the country, brought and completely renovated, representing either homes, or oil, fruit, windmills or water mills. You will certainly spend a full, gorgeous day, strolling in nature and visiting the museum.

Over 620,000 visitors to the Astra Museum in 2018

You think this is it?

Other tourist attractions in Sibiu

We just presented a few of the important sights to visit in Sibiu. However, we guarantee that you can spend a few unforgettable days, also visiting the history museum, the Brukenthal art museum, the fortress wall, the central markets, the Sub Arini park and so on.